RHEL or CentOS?

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woboyle wrote:

You can purchase support contracts from Red Hat for CentOS now.

This is the second time in this thread you have asserted this. Can you provide some supporting information? URL?

I'm certain that Red Hat is not selling support subscriptions for CentOS systems. The whole idea of support and services for RHEL is that they are the certified binaries built on Red Hat infrastructure. The CentOS binaries are rebuilt, they are not the same as the Red Hat binaries.

Also, I know a number of major software vendors in the financial trading markets (stock and options exchanges) that run CentOS on their trading/quoting servers that are co-located at the exchanges, such as NYSE, CBOE, etc. Personally, I think the choice is 6 of 1 and a half dozen of the other. So, a lot of the decision is going to be related to executive "comfort level".

This also you asserted before without supporting information, and I replied there as well.

If those businesses want to move themselves farther downstream from being able to affect the direction of the technology they rely upon, that is up to them. I sure hope they know what they are doing, and I mean much, much beyond, "Can your Linux admins support this system without calling Red Hat?"

But it is hardly equivalent (6 of 1, 1/2 dozen). Anyone who recommends what you get from Red Hat and what you get from the CentOS community as equivalent is giving bad advice. I'm positive the CentOS community agrees -- they often tell people who want 24x7 instant support to stop hammering the community and go get a subscription from Red Hat.

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I have using CentOS instead of RHEL for 2 years.

Free, OR DIE. :P

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I am in the process of verifying my statement with Red Hat regarding support for CentOS deployments and will post again when I hear from them.

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gavin2u wrote:

I have using CentOS instead of RHEL for 2 years.

Free, OR DIE. :P

Hee hee, never met anyone who was wiling to die for no-cost. ;-P

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Speak for yourself gavin2u... Let's put it another way - I'd kill before I was forced to run Windows on my workstation, other than in a locked-down VM! :)>

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There are many here that feel that strongly. Look up RMS on You Tube and watch him in action.
I'll leave it that, off topic for this thread.

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