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SOCKS5 proxy server in RHEL 5

Link to this post 07 Dec 09

Is any SOCKS5 proxy server packaged as part of RHEL5?? Which are the better alternatives to use.??

Link to this post 12 Aug 10

use squid as your proxy server . Having 2 ethernet cards one for outboud ip and other one for internal ip.
you will get detail configuration infromation on red hat official site.


Link to this post 12 Aug 10

I agree with Prashant that squid would be a good option for a proxy server and it is well supported by every linux distro that I have used.

As for the SOCKS5 server software, I attempted to locate it to see if it is linux compatible, the links I found did say it will work on linux distros (, unfortunately I could not find the official site or where to get the source code from.

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