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Understanding of CIFS on RHEL 5

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Lastnight I read what exactly is CIFS. With some hesitation this morning, I entered on my Linux Command line mount -t cifs //IP address of the Linux system I was on/directory /mnt/ -o user=root and entered my password when prompted. The return was Mount error 13 = Permission Denied. Refer to mount.cfis manpage. As I understand it to be CIFS file systems allow for me to share my Linux folders to Windows Clients in addition to setting up the Samba Share using the Samba GUI Manager. Do I have it backwards and CIFS is for Windows Clients to share there data with Linux Systems. If CIFS is for Linux Files to share there files with windows, how do I setup or format the folder for CIFS?

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CIFS is used to mount windows(smb) and samba shared directories on a Linux based system. Samba is the service used to setup a smb shared directory.

CIFS guide -
Samba setup -

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Cifs (smb) is a protocol. Samba is an implementation of that protocol. As a protocol, it can be implemented in any Operating System ;)

About your problem, maybe this will help:

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Usually you will need a userid and password pair in the mount options in order to mount a remote CIFS/Samba share.

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CIFS runs over TCP/IP but uses the SMB protocol . This is supported both on linux and windows.
this helps to share data vise versa.

In linux you need to install Samba that helps CIFS to run.

SMB share point can be mounted in different ways based on the way its setup on the server

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