Good OCR software.

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Im looking for good OCR software for Linux. Im having a project i want to make where i want to build a server for doing OCR conversion and storing automatic for our dyslexic (who came up with a word for spelling problems that i have trouble spelling?) students. I could get a finished solution for Windows or something but they seem flexible as a brick to me. I want to be able to tailor things.

Ive tried some different projects but i havent been succesfull this far. Has anyone done some projects on Linux with OCR and what was your experiences?

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Did you try GOCR? I don't know if it's good, but I once installed it for a colleague:

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Thanks, will take a gander at it.

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From the gscan2pdf help file:

There is an interesting review of OCR software at An important conclusion was that 400dpi is necessary for decent results.

-- Ghodmode

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Maybe you should try to use FineReader online?

It's beta version of online recognition service. You can recognize 50 pages a day just for your feedback.

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