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Bootable partition FAT or NTFS in Slackware Linux

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I think the take away here, if you're missing it, is that demanding a reply is not really necessary.

We're all here to help and will as soon as we have the time and wherewithal to do so.


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I do not really understand your question, but I will try my best to help.

You will need to use fdisk or cfdisk to make the partition, in which you should set it as the NTFS type.
Then you can use mkfs.ntfs to format the partition as NTFS.

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I'm going to give my 2 cents and try to help the situation:

The first question was should you install Linux on FAT or NTFS, second question was how to do it. Now your questions are mixed and confusing.

Let me simplify, Install Linux how it should normally be installed, Install windows how it should normally be installed.

Next, when you run into a problem, ask us how to fix it.

I simply don't believe what your trying to do is needed or necessary.

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To Richard Sims: listen sorry for the confusion but I meant here is whether the Slackware Linux can be installed FAT and NTFS and if it possible send me the step by step as we can.

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What is your goal by installing this on FAT or NTFS? I do not believe it will work on NTFS since that is a windows operating system file system, However just about anything recognizes fat but it will be slow and not encrypted.

What is your end goal you are trying to accomplish, maybe there is a better way of going about it is what I was trying to say. So explain to us what it your trying to do, are you trying to make a linux file server or something? If so you don't need it to be on the same file system to work with your windows systems. Explain what your trying to do so we can further help.

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Throughout the post u never disclose why u need to install NTFS/FAT32 partition on boot time. However, it is better not ot install during installation time, rather create ntfs / fat partition after install with full rw permission by using NTFS-3G. After install search for NTFS-3G and install if it did not install already. Then follow this: It is needed to add wind drive to /etc/fstab file like : /dev/hdx /C ntfs-3g rw,user 1 2
Here replace 'x' with the actual letter of wind drive while /C is the mount point and ntfs-3g is the file system type, "rw" means read and write and "user" means any user can unmount / mount the drive. 1 2 are for FS checking, if u don't want to check drive for errors every time boots, then change it to 0 0. But it is recommended to keep as 1 2. For more info and full installation guide:

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