Favorite Slackware Links

Link to this post 16 May 09

Post your favorite Slackware links to help your your fellow Slackers. Here are a few of mine:

Pat Volkerding's Slackware site: --> Slackware forum:

Bruno's Slackware Tips (scroll down to see Tips 1 - 5):

Slackware Help Forum:

Slackware Linux Basics:

SwareT Slackware Package Manager:



Slackware Art Gallery:

My Slackware wallpaper collection posted here at --> if you see anything you like, just PM me with the image name and I'll email it to you or serve it somewhere where you can snatch it:

Have fun!


Link to this post 19 Jun 09 used to be a hangout for Slackware users, but it seems they've shut down the forums and now redirect that link to

Good stuff.

Link to this post 24 Dec 09

Can't forget Slackbook for just generic references

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Hi all,

Thanks alot for the links mentioned above, i enjoyed them.

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Thanks for sharing with us links.

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