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LILO configuration in Slackware

Link to this post 29 Jul 11

Due to some discussions about Arch linux with other distros, I just decided to give a try with Arch to see what are all the things it has. And more over I installed Ubuntu too .

I tried to configure the lilo but I can not able to do that. Currently Ubuntu boot loader is in MBR. And it list all the OS that I have. But, I want the lilo to be in MBR. Here are my sda details,

sda1 - Windows 7
sda10 - Slackware
sda13- Arch
sda14 - Ubuntu
sda15- Fedora - [ / - partition ]
sda16 - Fedora

In LILO , currently I have

image = /boot/vmlinuz
root = /dev/sda10
label = Slackware

other = /dev/sda1
label = Please_DO_NOT_CHOOSE
table = /dev/sda

To configure Fedora15 in lilo i added,

image = /vmlinuz-
root = /dev/sda15
label = Fedora_Love_Lock

And for Arch,

image = /boot/vmlinuz26
root = /dev/sda13
label = Arch_Linux

when tried to install lilo, I got

fatal : open /vmlinuz- No such file or directory

I tried with giving absolute path,

image = /dev/sda15//vmlinuz-

and I got

/dev/sda15//vmlinuz- - Not a Directory

If I comment the Fedora config then I get the same error for Arch linux too.

How can I configure all 5 OS in lilo.
Thank you

Link to this post 29 Jul 11

ok. By referring Slackbook, I used "liloconfig" to configure the system. The only difference is,

Instead of

the "liloconfig" loaded


I took those from Ubuntu GRUB loader config file.
But, the lilo is looking for, "/boot/vmlinuz" only. Need to dig around with this more.

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Lilo is reading the current root partition when writing the mbr image, which is why you are getting the error message.With lilo I store all of my boot images onto a single partition which is mounted by all OSs to avoid this issue.

However since Ubuntu is the default you should be able to use the os-probe option for grub2 in Ubuntu to have it detect and append the other operating systems to the boot loader.

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I tried to edit Ubuntu [ though It listed all correctly, I want to change the label name ] . But, its like a Essay . Though it was easy to understand that, I want the lilo, which is very very cool boot loader screen .

I managed to load all Linux and one NTFS os in lilo and currently things are going fine.
So far not booted with Arch . Need to give a try in weekend.

I was unaware about the reason for the error . Thanks for explaining that. And thats a nice trick .

Link to this post 30 Jul 11

Now that I think about the issue I may have taken the hard approach, I know that it does not see the other partitions because they are not mounted, thus it cannot verify the records. What I would like you to try is mounting the other partitions within slackware before running the update command, if this works then the problem would be due to limited visibility.

Link to this post 30 Jul 11

I added all of my Linux and NTFS partitions in fstab and during boot time all are get mounted automatically. And when updating LILO I cross checked the availability of the partition. It was there.

I took,


from UBUNTU GRUB conf. But, LILO is always using


But, still there are some problems with Arch and Fedora . I am trying to solve . If not get done, I will get back to forums concern threads.

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