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Opinions: KDE 4.X on slackware

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I got tired of KDE long time ago.

Any machine I do an install for gets XFCE.


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KDE4 looks promising. It's been a while since I used Slackware, but I'm heading back that direction now that there's an official 64-bit version in the works.

XFCE isn't a bad choice, as it's lightweight and performs well while looking good.

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KDE seems to be slow, waaay slow with all that jumbo mess they put with it, 60% of processor with XCompositing (transparent windows, etc).. Granted, I realize that is a resource hog by it's own right.. I have an AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual core Processor 6000+ and 8GB of ram and 9800 GT nVidia -- Don't believe it should suck that bad.. XMMS was dragging around like a bug stuck in hot wet tar o_0 I removed that -- Installed 3.5, worked fine.... downloaded KDE 4.3 source from KDE compiled myself and made install.. NOT MUCH FASTER :) KDE was awesome when it wasn't so fat, looks like XFCE for me aswell

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I tried to like kde4, no chance. Not a cat in hells chance. it's so bloated it's ridiculous, it takes so long to load. I switched to xfce and haven't looked back. I never thought I would dump kde. I just need to do a clean install without any kde stuff. Kmail was really good, that's been replaced with thunderbird. Just need a decent replacement for k3b. Bye bye kde.

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I used to be a KDE user up to 3.5. My experiences with 4.x were not good. I went to Xfce. Happy as a clam. :)

Current Slackware/Xfce desktop:

Link to this post 16 Mar 10

I'm running Slackware64-current with KDE-4.4.1 - its very slick and well-polished. KDE is definitely getting better.

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