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I have blogged here a few times and it's easy. Yesterday I decided to submit an article instead of just posting another blog entry. It hasn't appeared on the site yet, though I did see a new addition after I submitted mine yesterday.

I'm just wondering, how long does it typically take for the editors/moderators/proofreaders etc to approve and publish a new article or tutorial? This will be my first "real article" here if it gets approved... the others are just blog posts and I can't even tell if anyone reads them.

Just curious.... how long should I wait before just posting it to my blog?


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I know that there has been a review rule in effect to reduce spam. If it doesn't show up in a few hours, i'll send an email off and see if I can expedite it. Thanks for the submission and your patience. I'll also see if there is a way to bypass the rule for your username. I know that those that submit blogs frequently don't have to wait for review.

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Thanks! It'd be so cool for li'l ol me to have an article published on this prestigious site!

Funny thing is, a newbie that I introduced to Linux had an article published on quite a while back. She was only 13 when she wrote it, so I guess I'm overdue for one of my own, lol!


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I see two of your blogs in the Latest Community Blogs on the front page, I guess your in business. Hopefully, I'll get a chance to read them later. If I reading this wrong, let me know.


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The blogs are just blog entries, but the ARTICLE was about desktop environments and window managers. It has not appeared yet...

Thanks for checking though!

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Ah, articles are treated differently than blog posts, I'm not familiar with that procedure. Matt might be along to shed some light on that hopefully. Sorry I misunderstood originally. We'll get to the bottom of it though, just be patient.

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