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dixiedancer wrote:


I have blogged here a few times and it's easy. Yesterday I decided to submit an [i]article[/i] instead of just posting another blog entry. It hasn't appeared on the site yet, though I did see a new addition after I submitted mine yesterday.

I'm just wondering, how long does it typically take for the editors/moderators/proofreaders etc to approve and publish a new article or tutorial? This will be my first "real article" here if it gets approved... the others are just blog posts and I can't even tell if anyone reads them.

Just curious.... how long should I wait before just posting it to my blog?


A few minutes ago I posted a review comment related to a Linux Distro and it also didn't show up. I understand the need for an approval review as mentioned above, before allowing comments going life. That happen at many other places but they always advice the user about that, to avoid him to try to post again thinking something went wrong.

That's what I would suggest to be done here.

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