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All best distro Linux have sub-forum in like fedora,ubuntu,redhat ect..

hmmm... i think its not complete if there is not Backtrack Sub-Forum

i hope the will add the new Sub-forum name Backtrack , and we can disscuss anything about backtrack here :D

like my forum in my country in indonesia

and my profile is here :D

thakns i hope backtrack forum will add in :D

Link to this post 24 Aug 11

Hi and welcome to the forums.

There is a lot of big Linux distros missing there. Linux Mint, Arch, PCLinuxOS etc. And some of them have below 10 topics. It is a selection and some of the biggest is represented but it's in no way complete. I don't think it's trying to be and I don't think it need to be reselected.

You can always create your own group for discussions and add it to the directory to spread the word.

Link to this post 24 Aug 11

At this point in time there has not been enough questions about backtrack for us to consider adding a sub-forum for that distro. If the amount of inquiries picks up then we may consider it in the future.

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