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Is Google+ affecting Forum activity?

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Is it just me, or, has anyone else noticed? I read a number of forums every day besides moderating on and I've noticed a drop off in participation on all of them. Is it because it's summer, or, is it because everyone is playing with the new Google+ toy? I must admit, after never being a Facebook fan, that I'm spending a lot of time playing with and learning about Google+. I know our Eric is totally addicted, how about you all?

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Maybe people are just outside more, and I still can't get into Google+, I'd like a invite if anyone gets a opening in it to invite someone.

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Richard, do you have a gmail address? I thought Matt sent invites to everyone. I just sent one to your linux dot com address, if you don't get it, message me.

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Im a pretty new Google+ user, dont really call myself addicted yet =D

Still need tobuild my friend network.

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To me it's a summer thing, I've been out from home all the last weekends :)

For example, this weekend I went to Calella de Palafrugell, north of Barcelona to watch Sting on concert!!! I just drove my little baby all the the way up next to the sea shore and then had a great time there. I got back home at almost 3am

And what about sunday? well, wake up at 8am (yes, five hours sleep) and go to Vic to spend all day long rock climbing!

AWESOME weekend

I guess everyone is as busy as me :)


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I have been toning down because I don't have many questions and because I have been busy with work, vacation, etc...

But I have taken a bit of time on google+ exploring, bug reporting and sending recommendations to the google engineers.

But for now I am on vacation, I will be posting random picts of the buildings and animals that intrigue me on google+ which may be the only other communication I have this week.

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