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Is Google+ affecting Forum activity?

Link to this post 22 Jul 11

RSims wrote:

I got the invite to google+ tom, thanks!

Richard, is this you?

Link to this post 22 Jul 11

marc wrote:

[b]linustorvalds wrote:[/b]
[quote][b]marc wrote:[/b]
[quote] I just drove my little baby all the the way up next to the sea shore and then had a great time there. I got back home at almost 3am

ya.. i saw that baby...Its my favorite BMW ....I am just addicted to that Brand..But, don't have anything from this brand, so far[/quote]

As this is the Offtopic forum I will just go ahead and add a picture of my baby:

Ain't she the cutest thing you've ever seen? :)[/quote]

Si! Que linda! Tiene cuidado, senor. :)

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