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Issue with editing profile

Link to this post 13 Oct 11

Anyone else having issues uploading a photo to their profile? I get the following error:

JFolder::create: Could not create directory
Warning! - Failed to move file.

Is this just me? Using Google Chrome.

Link to this post 13 Oct 11

I have reported this issue to the developers. I will report back when it is ready to be tested.

Link to this post 13 Oct 11

sounds good thanks.

Link to this post 13 Oct 11

This issue seems to be resolved, I successfully updated my profile pic with chromium browser. Most likely has nothing to do with the browser, just throwing that in there "just-in-case".

Link to this post 13 Oct 11

Yep, it's working now. :-)

Wayne Sallee

Link to this post 14 Oct 11

Is there a a reason for sending error messages to the users of I mean this is provides good meat for a potential hacker.

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