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I was just reading up on the membership benefits for members at Linux foundation. It says:

"20% Off of merchandise from the Store, featuring cool shirts and more"

Going to:

... I get told that the page is taken closed, but it does not say anything about for how long, or if it is permanent.

If it is permanent, it should be taken off the membership benefits, but having a store can have lots of benefits. should be an official place for most things Linux.

There are several distributions that manages to have decent stores. Such a store could be a good idea to both increase income, but also to spread Linux more commercially. Although many of the t-shirts I have seen searching Google images, seems to be hard for many to relate to Linux in any way. Many were fun, some maybe a little inappropriate, but from what I manage to find, there were no Linux Foundation-line with different design approaches.

Some shops:

The most problem I have with many of these shops is that many of the products are very dull and static. It looks too much like a company freebie if it is just a regular t-shirt with a big fat logo on top of it. One nice thing with these pages is that they only show the wearables without anyone actually in them (or at least no focus on them, the main focus is the wearables), with a clean white background.

But still, there are stores that manage to make fashionable items, even fashionable and nerdy, and cool items. It could be a good place to get pens, card holders, t-shirts, and so on in bulks for stands or to give out. Or a coffee cup and pens to have at work.

There could be many good opportunities in such a store, so sad if it is closed for good.

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Thank you for pointing out the outdated information under membership benefits. We've updated our website to reflect the update.

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So is it taken down for good or undergoing bigger changes?

The closed store could maybe have some more information about why it is closed, and if it is closed for good; how to obtain wearables or other items, either through other stores, or custom t-shirt services. Although it wont be much income from that, it would still contribute to the community and spread the awareness of Linux in general.

Custom apparel services
It sure made me search the web for a good quality custom t-shirt provider. Has gotten the number down to 5 from a list of probably 15 that seems to have good quality :) That is:

It is hard to find any information about how the print looks after several washes, and Spreadshirt the only one that seems reach out to most parts of the world, so might be my best option. If anyone have any experience with any of these services, I would be glad to hear :)

Btw, some of these services lets you make an account and add artwork that will be reachable to everyone that wants to make their own designs on any clothes or other items they may have.

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It seems to be possible to create an own store in many of these sites. As well as add artwork and get a small amount of money whenever they are used.

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I have a question regarding legal rights for use of logos from different distributions.

Can I upload and use logos from Red Hat, Arch, Ubuntu, Debian, and so on and print t-shirts for non-commercial use without asking every owners of the distributions?

For example, Red Hat seems to have a very strict policy for use of their shadowman logo, and it seems that it would not be legal to use it just for personal use in any way.

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The authors of each distribution are the copyright owners of their logos. To avoid bad relations or potential legal issues it is best to ask each that you wish to use.

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