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marc wrote:

[b]Justin3085 wrote:[/b]
[quote]Thanks for the replies :) .... I know I overlook things sometimes but I'm glad it wasn't staring me in the face hah!

You are not the only one that doesn't understand how it works. IMHO it's not clear at all.[/quote]

Then I will work to try to get some type of notification added to the site.

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I have one here! It's been a long time since I posted on it, but I have a good excuse, lol. My family and I were homeless for awhile, and blogging about Linux just wasn't a high priority, lol.

It's a silly, kid's blog, but it was warmly received by the mods here because they welcome a kid's point of view sometimes! How cool is that!


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needing review before it goes onto makes sense to me... we would have insane stuff all over the site otherwise lol.

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