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i would like to find local linux users in my area and i found a lug group..

it is a group that is associated eith the university of alaska and as such has a student leader and a faculty leader i emailed the both and called the faculty members office no one answered and noones responded... is there a way to reserect it or find other local linux users to create a new one?

Link to this post 28 Dec 12

I found the lug in my area by googling the city name and lug, but you can also check the link at .

If you would like to resurrect or create a new lug you will need to do the legwork on finding members, meeting locations, resources for the mailing-list, wiki, etc... for communications and also getting the resources for presentation at the meetings.

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I have found the akLUG ( ) which it appears primarily meets in anchorage, but I have seen some posts from users in fairbanks.

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thank you.. i will look into thos... i will see if i can get in touch with fairbanks users but the anchorage lug doesnt really interest me since its at least a 5 hr drive one way

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I have been up in that area and understand your concern about the long drive, but based upon some of the posts it does look like the Anchorage lug has a few members in Fairbanks so there is the potential for local meetings in your area.

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