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Hey I just wanna share my cool web page to the linux community. Maybe You guys could give me your opinion. I made this page on my own. It still needs more features but its also still very cool. I hope I can get some support from you guys for more weather and science features to but any ways, I love linux and everything they offer, the linux community is awesome and rock on., and check out Please don't insult me.

Link to this post 24 Jan 12

I have the NWS - Enhanced Doppler Radar Image Loop bookmarked on my browser. It looks nice on that background, and, it's a good start to making an interesting web page.

Good Luck and let us know when you add more features. Heh, it's nice to see that the rain and such has moved out of my area (Long Island, NY). Now I don't have to check with NWS tonight. Thanks.

BTW - Welcome to Don't be a stranger. Come back and ask or answer some questions as much as possible. It's good to share knowledge. It's what free software and open source is all about.

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Thanks for sharing your site and welcome to :)

Hope to see more posts from you in the future.

Oh also I hope your webserver is running Linux ;)


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