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New wireless Router: Standard: IEEE 802.11n

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Are you looking for a router that is a/b/g/n compatible? If so, you can use 802.11g which is compliant with a and b. There are some routers that have internal storage for NAS. This will be well worth researching. For most of the routers I've seen, they did not have a USB port integrated. You will mostly see them on Modems and cable DSLs.

Link to this post 02 Feb 11

I don't mind about a/b/g/n, I just need something hackable with enough CPU power to carry for example a torrent seed, USB (native or with hw mods on the motherboard) it's important for me to attach external storage. Even a low power pc wastes too much energy when compared to a cheap device. In this moment I'm focusing on DSL linksys devices (DGNB2200 for example), it's a .N device with DSL modem builtin and it seems quite hacker friendly for running Linux on it

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