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People who never follow up on their own posts.

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You know, not that it's a big deal but I thought it was worth posting this. Something that bothers me a slightly is when I am asked for help by someone who really cares a lot less then they are asking me to care, in order to solve the problem. I enjoy helping people, but if anyone is going to ask someone else to walk them through resolving a computer issue. Please at least care enough to follow up and let us know if it was fixed or not, and if our suggestions helped. Working on a issue and then never hearing from the person again is just rude and bad practice.

So, not a big deal, just thought I would bring it up hoping someone may follow up who otherwise would not have.

Feel free to comment.

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I understand exactly what you are saying. In my opinion, we just supply the help. What the requesties do with it, it up to them.

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