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Wow Rubberman, you machine is better than mine. Can't compare to Intel CPUs :-)

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Did not know you like to play with stocks.

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I used to write risk analysis software for the options trading industry in Chicago. To trade stocks/options effectively, you really need dual HD displays (or more), plus a REALLY big pipe... :-)

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This is a Media Center From HP. Never got to use all features it claimed it could do. Oh well, linux will take care of that.

PC Model: RC647AA-ABA m7680n
PC Vendor: HP Pavilion 061
Motherboard Model: Basswood-UL8E
Motherboard Vendor: ASUSTek Computer INC.
CPU: Intel Core 2 64bit, socket 775, 2.13GHz, can be overclocked to 3.8GHz
MEM: 2 1GB DDR2 Synchronous 533 MHz
GPU: G72 GeForce 7300 LE 3D accelerated enabled
Communication: Ethernet 82562V 10/100
6 USB 2.0
2 firewire ports
Audio: Intel 82801H (ICH8 Family) HD Audio Controller
System is dual booted with Ubuntu 10.04.2 Lucid and Fedora 15 using Gnome 3

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MacBook Pro Fall 08 Unibody
2.8GHz Intel Core2Duo
8GB 1067 Mhz DDR3 Kingston RAM
NVIDIA GeForce 9400M 256 mb and another I don't recall
Seagate 750GB Momemtus XT Hybrid disk
Opertaing systems: Fedora 17 (Virtual) using Gnome - OpenSUSE 12.2 (Virtual) using XFCE - Windows 7 (Virtual) - Mac OS X Server 10.7.5

Fujitsu Simens Amlio M1425 (very little info do to the fact I have lost the info)
1.8GHz Centrino m
ATI Radon Mobilty 9700 125 MB
Operating susyems: Fedora 17 using OpenBox and SlackWare 13.37 using XFCE

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