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I just install skype 2.2 beta on 11.04. It is stall a beta release, yet works the same way as the stable version. Is this program, as well as the stable one, going to ported for MS only, or will it stay for linux? I'm glad I have it, hate logging on to MSUCKs.

I will look into the other voip clients that I ran into, that also means the ones for ubuntu. I need a time frame for how long I have before the skype 2.2 is no more.

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From what I've read Skype for Linux won't be discontinued. Just don't hold your breath waiting for updates. Once Google+ opens up, there will be no need for Skype.
One on one, I've been using Google chat. Matt and I tested the Google+ "Hangout feature" the other night and it worked well. Although I just wish we had a third and a fourth to test it even further.
Patience, we're all watching the back doors hoping to get you an invite.

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I agree about waiting for google+, I really want to use it for our future conversations.

From what I have read it appears that google will make it public at the end of the month, but we will be trying to get you an invite.

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I'm interested in Google+, is there something for Android as well ?
I'm a quite happy skype user for Linux and Android as well, audio/video quality is fine even on long distances.
When I've talked to you the last time quality was acceptable (US <-> Europe in a breeze)

I'm currently keeping pidgin (with ICQ+MSN+Google+Yahoo accounts) and skype always opened on Linux but it could be nice to use just one tool with acceptable voice+video quality.

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Google+ also has an Android app, however the android app messenger client (huddle)is text only I don't think it talks to the desktop messenger client called hangout, but that may change.

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Skype is something that should be erradicated from the surface of the earth. Period.

The only good things that skype has is it's millions of users and the ability to call real phones all in the same package. Apart from's a *really crappy* software if you use it extensively.

About that Google+ things...I'd love to try it if I had an account... (invite anyone? :P )


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