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The Forum Website is back up.

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Yes, it is the forum, Questions section and blogs.

Other enhanced features should come in time.

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I see you're back to your original avatar. I never did get used to the newer one you were using. ;)

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I reverted to my old avatar on many sites because I thought it was time for a change. It is good to see you back on the site since you left G+

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Are there any plans to ad some functions to this forum, like click to read first unread post in thread?

As this forum is now, it's quite flat.

Wayne Sallee

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Back again as many of you, I think it could take a while to restore all previous functionalities, I was just looking at my previous blog posts and I cannot see them yet, I'll wait for a while before reporting it, I guess Dan and other guys from the staff are still working on it.

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I'm easy to find. Just click on my name under my sig pic. :)

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