to board mods

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could have swore it made me wait 15 minutes, is it really only 15 seconds? Could have just been my mistake haha! Don't I look like a jerk now.

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The problems have been reported to the developers and hopefully all these little problems will disappear. (Please let them disappear). Just imagine how it is for the moderators.
Those of us who make many posts have been hit by the flood control more than once, and, it is a bug. But, it's one that should go away soon Be patient, we are, and until that time, do a copy/paste of your post before hitting the save button. It makes it easier to retieve what you wrote in case of the flood control wiping what you wrote.

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The problem has been reported to the developers numerous times but other priorities have taken some precedence.

I generally use the Quick Reply button, which for some reason does not seem to catch the bug. But when I tried to use the Quote option more often I started getting the issue as you. As Tom said we hope that the bug will be resolved soon, but in the meantime I recommend using the Quick Reply button.

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Well thanks for shedding some light on the situation, and Goineasy, I went back to ubuntu, but you showed me the amazing world of KDE, which I stuck with, so thanks for that. Maybe i'll give Fedora a try again sometime down the road, but i'll be using KDE either way.

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Hey Richard
Glad you like KDE. I can't believe how much I missed it using Gnome for the past 2 years. Also, glad to have helped.

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I have addressed this issue with the site developers in which it appears to be fixed. Please share in this post or send me a message if you continue to be plagued by the spam protection feature outside of the 15 second time-line.

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