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Two Ideas for the forum

Link to this post 28 Oct 11

I'd like to suggest an idea I had for the forums. A new category: Creative Linux with two sub categories: Linux Art/Comedy and Linux Ideas for ideas for Linux related software/art/whatever that people come up with. I think both would be great for the forums and would be beneficial to Linux.

The Art/Comedy would give us a place to post all those Linux related comics/art etc... that we Google + people get to see, and the Ideas section could be a good brain storming area for new ideas that could help promote , improve and possibly add features to current Linux distributions or even create new ones.

What do you guys think?

Link to this post 31 Oct 11

I think that Humor information would be fitting to be in the Small Talk forum rather than adding additional categories.

As for the ideas section that is worth considering.

Link to this post 31 Oct 11

Well the idea behind it, is that anything creative can spark new ideas to push forward the use of Linux. Art/Comedy section can be a creative engine behind different ideas that can lead to serious implementation. I think a Linux Art and Comedy section both would be beneficial and could extremely benefit and possibly even end up being a driving force for the more serious Linux Ideas section.

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