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What brought you to using Linux based systems?

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I like programming, sharing source code and learning from others in a independent fashion. The GNU project means knowledge and GNU/Linux is easy to use.
I used GNU/Linux first in 2001. The difficult thing to get it to work was the point to start with it, how to retrieve it, what are the current versions and almost nobody knew about it.
A friend helped me with the first time installation of SuSE 7.1 but I switched to Debian GNU/Linux, two months later. And instead of Java programming I begun to write a audio sequencer in C and I'm still doing so.

It's just fantastic and powerful.

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mfillpot wrote:

Please share what brought you to Linux based systems and what keep you using them for you personal and/or professional uses.

I started around '98 because many people around the irc systems talked very well about it. I was curious and I tried it. The result? Well, ya know, I've been MS(or even better, Apple) free since then :)


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A nerdy friend of mine named Mfillpot got me interested when I was younger and trying to get my hands on everything computer related. I stick around because I love the customizablity and having control over my own computer.

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