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WHen the Groups will Return?

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You're a trooper, buddy. Thanks for all you do.

I've been remiss in visiting here at lately because... well, because I just don't have the time to visit all the forums and blogs that I like to visit on any given day. Sometimes, you just have to pass on one or two. Unfortunately, time gets by you and you realize you haven't logged in at one of your fav places in months. That's the nature of the Internet these days... information overload.

It's good to see some familiar faces still hanging around the place, though. Hope all is well with everyone. I too am looking forward to seeing how Daniel's vision for this place will look when it becomes reality.

Take care all...


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Hey Eric,

Nice to see you checking in occasionally. I guess we're all getting to busy to look at everything everyday. I've added helping with the "siduction" distro to my daily tasks. So, one more forum and a few more IRC channels running 24/7 does fill the day. Although, not in a bad way.

Anyway, nice to see you. Don't be a stranger, heh, or any stranger.


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Well, you know how it is...

Between being an Admin at Scot's Newsletter Forums - Bruno's All Things Linux, running my own personal board, and trying to provide some minimally entertaining or educational content going on my three blogs; I'm just overwhelmed some days. ;)

I'll try to peak in here more often, though.

You folks be good now. Don't burn the place down while I'm gone. :)



P.S. I'm easy to find if you need me...

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