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WHen the Groups will Return?

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It's great to see a status update about the site!

Thanks for all the hard work during the rebuild :)


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@ Daniel: Thanks for the info and we all hope, things will be good, soon

@marc : I too didn't like the score system. But, Groups, I enjoyed a lot.
Any way, as Daniel told most of them were in-active and some groups were filled with spam.So, it deserve a lowest priority..

Thanks again all... :-)

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Don't forget crond, we are happy to add new forums (within reason) if you want somewhere to discuss something not covered elsewhere.

Thanks all for the votes of confidence. I have some big plans for, as it deserves to be a Jewel of a website.

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sounds great.

If there is place to discuss about what people know, with others [ kind of blog posts, discussion ,tutorials or whatever], it will be helpful .

Thanks Daniel

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The blog system was something I didn't like at all. Not only you had to wait for moderation but you had to write it in as well. I have my own blog, I do not want anyone controlling what I write neither hosting nor censoring.

By the way, you can come to the irc channel #linuxdotcom at (mostly me and masenm ;) if you wanna talk and discuss anything


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yah sure. I saw you guys when I peek into that.
But, mostly I may not have time to enter IRC, at the same time when you people are.

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