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Which distro do you find works the best ?

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I have been distro-hopping for about a year now, and tried the following: Opensuse, Ubuntu, PClinuxOS, Chakra, Crunchbang, Linux Mint, Sabayon, Bodhi Linux, Jolicloud, Kuki Linux, Debian, Vector, Peppermint, and I have tried to install Pardus, but never got the live USB working .

So I personally find that out of the distros I tried, Linux Mint and Crunchbang are the best . Although I have high expectations for Pardus, I have yet to try it ..

What are your opinions of the subject of linux distros ?

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I perfer distros that make little assumptions and require you to do the configuration. My favorites are slackware, gentoo and LFS. Although I am running ubuntu 11.04 on some machines now and I am starting to like the unity interface, if it wasn't for the ubuntu core which can't blacklist anything, I may consider making that my normal distro for my family to work with.

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I too prefer flexible distributions that make few assumptions about what you want. For personal computers - netbooks, laptops and desktop computers - I prefer ArchLinux. The package management tool pacman is superb, and the distribution has both official binary repositories and a source repository maintained by the community. It doesn't configure anything for you, but should you ever be in doubt about how to perform a certain task, the wiki is quite good. It's a rolling-release distribution, so there are no stable releases; just a current and a testing branch. For a personal computer this is great, but it might not be ideal for servers.

If you have the patience, Gentoo also fills the desktop niche quite good. It feels awesome to have a system that is tailored to your software requirements and hardware with USE/MAKE-flags, albeit it does require some time for maintenance and compiling. For servers, I believe Debian is the best choice. These distributions all require some time and effort to setup though, so if I need something quick to get working, I usually go for Mint or Ubuntu for desktop machines and laptops, and Jolicloud for netbooks.

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I personally like ubuntu, debian and archlinux. Ubuntu is easy to customize in my opinion and has a very good support community. I can add and remove things this little trouble. Debian because is it very light weight and it is what ubuntu is based on. Any distro based on debian I trust.

Archlinux allows you to customize you system from the ground up and allows you to understand the inner workings of a linux system, that and slackware which teaches you the true meaning of linux.

My family is running zorin OS 4, "ubuntu 10.10". It is fully loaded and works best for windows users. Also not heavy on resources.

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For a while I was extremely interested in Arch, but once I tried installing it from a usb on my netbook, I didn't understand a thing LOL . Well, now that I think of it, I am certain I was having trouble with the network modules .

Anyway, I got a taste of pacman in Chakra, and if it wasn't for Chakra nearly eating my baby, I would have stuck with it .
Currently, I am happily running Linux Mint KDE .. for now .

On my other rather obsolete laptop, the only distro I tried that didn't make it freeze was CrunchBang, and honestly, it is sexy .

I agree that debian-based is most reliable, but I would like to get to explore Arch after I understand Linux more intensely .
I also would like to explore Sorcerer-based distros, but I don't know if they are any good .

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If you want to learn linux more intensely, try slackware 13.1 and read the pdf that is package with the .iso file. If you burn to usb or cd, just explore the drive and look for the .pdf file. Using this and arch and you will learn a lot.

Happy distro searching.

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