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Which distro do you find works the best ?

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I can agree with the ubuntu starting to have problems. They moved to unity with 11.04 and did not make the OS very impressive. I will be installing gnome3 if I can.

Mint 10 works good and so far, not had one problem--maybe I am just careful. If mint 10 works stick with it. I liked ubuntu 10.10 better than 11.04 anyway.

Arch is when it is time for a new challenge. If you up to it, see how well you do.
Try using wicd to setup wireless networking. If you can connect via wire, then you can install wicd online. Hope everything works out.

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I actually just gave arch a try again tonight . I found that the "installation guides" were not as explanatory as they claimed to be . So I reinstalled Mint, but left about 23GB's of free space for testing distros rather than installing over and over .

I also bought myself a nifty 16GB usb and was wondering which distros are good to use from usb ?
Was thinking about creating a multiboot usb of some sort .

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AstarothMastemaRavenclaw wrote:

I also bought myself a nifty 16GB usb and was wondering which distros are good to use from usb ?
This kind of depends on what you will use the distribution for, as any recent distribution can be made to run from a USB pen. Since many USB devices are quite slow, something lightweight like Damn Small Linux or Puppy Linux would probably be ideal though :-)

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Any distro can be installed on a usb drive. Pick the one that you like most. don't think you can make a dualboot usb. You can install distros on a VM client like virtualbox to try out multiple distros.

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Actually, I have heard of of folks dual and triple booting off of a usb. I was never really interested in the process, so I didn't keep links, but in theory, it is possible. Installing directly onto the usb and partitioning it before the installation with something like ext2, as long as you have enough room, and can make enough partitions large enough, I'd say it was possible. When I installed Sid onto a 4gb stick with persistence a few years back, I just had to make sure that I installed grub to the mbr of the stick. Once grub is written to the mbr, if you created extra partitions during the first install, you could add another distro. I really haven't done a live usb install for some time so I might be way off base, but, I have read of others doing it. Maybe Auntie Google can find those threads.

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Ubuntu/variants are falling down a hole .
MEPIS does not allow the creation of a /var partition . (A shame, I love[d] MEPIS ..)

I am giving Fedora 15 a try because I very much like Gnome 3 .


Forget Fedora . I found no workaround for the black screen of death, and I cannot get my wireless card to work, though I do like rpm from what I have seen of it .
I am giving OpenSUSE a spin .

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