Am I C-ing this right?

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First of all there is no rule written that, the Linux users should use the Linux commands and system calls. Noway...

My friend's grand mother is using Ubuntu and of-course she is also a Linux user.

As Developer, you are not left to use Linux alone. Whatever you are doing in Linux as a Developer, all are possible with other paid OS [Hope you guessed :-) ] .

If you google it, you can find easily why c++ came . The Kernel is written in C, it can be even in asm, but very difficult to upgrade/change a single thing.

I strongly agree with whatever Marc Deop told.

Basically, its not like [ c > c++ } | [c++ > c ]. Its purely based on, what is objective of that final code output, where they going to deploy and who is going to use.

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I really don't know what you want to express.

If u write the code with C:

#ifdef __cplusplus /* or #if defined(__cplusplus) */
Extern "C" {

/* your code below */

#ifdef __cplusplus

then , the c++ compiler can compile this c program.

If u write the code with C++:

#include <pthread.h> /* this can use a c head file */
#include <iostream> /* this is a c++ head file */

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