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best linux distro for python programmers???

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I am python programmer, but I am working in windows XP. I want to change this OS on linux distro, but I want a best python supported OS.

Please give an advice and tell me best linux distro for PYTHON

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Python is build-in in the most common distros, so you need only a nice editor. Geany, gedit should work fine (dunno for KDE).

if you like to configure everythink by yourself choose somethink like Gentoo, Arch or etc...

If you dont - there are many options: ubuntu, fedora, opensuse, mandriva, mint maybe...

seems to me that this topic is for "New to linux". and Be careful when you doublepost, they can get ya... ;P

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Any distribution will run python. It's just another application to the kernel. Most distributions have the python application and all modules you could want (say python-tk). If you prefer not to use one of the pre-packaged python from the repository you can build it from source.

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almost all of the system tools were written in python.

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Yes your right.

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