Books for C/C++ Development on Linux?

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Hey everyone.

Lately I've been kind of intrigued by some of the stuff I've been hearing about Linux operating systems.
I personally have yet to install Linux on my box, but I have definitely been thinking about it.

My main interest in computers, however, is programming. So I would like an OS that I can be assured has IDE's for C/C++, and also a nice interface. Seems I'll have to buy some more books specific to Linux on C since there isn't a win api.

Any suggestions would be great.
I'll do some reading around here, but I just registered so thought some recommendations would be nice.


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Well I've choses Fedora.
Looks appealing!

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Nearly any distro would be sufficient for your needs since the windows managers can be used any any distro, Fedora should work fine as long as you have the necessary development packages.

Also, I am changing the thread title to better assist you in getting references from seasoned developers.

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Fedora is a good option, they have pre-installed Development tools and they repositories are full of other cool tools and alternativily you can download the "Mono Framework" it's useful for C/C++ and .NEt development. I hope this can help you

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I've been using Fedora for a year now, and, if you have questions, please ask. I have many links bookmarked that can help solve a myriad of problems. If you haven't noticed, we have a Fedora subsection to the forums, even the simplest of questions will help build up a knowledge base there, so, don't hesitate to ask.


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Thanks for the replies everyone.

I'm liking Fedora a lot more than windows vista.

As of right now I'm resizing my partitions so I have more space on my linux system.
So far everything's been going pretty smooth, just having some trouble with flash player.

I've tried re-installing it, and it says it's already installed, but I can't view videos on youtube or any flash files for that matter.

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