custom gnome3 appearance

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Hi, I installed gnome3-session, gnome-shell and gdm3 in Debian GNU/Linux unstable. Now I want to write some modifications limited to appearance and perhaps the applications menu. Are there some howtos around?

Link to this post 21 Aug 10

Wow, nice info in that link, thanks. I was wondering how to customize gnome-shell.

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Great link, however do you know of any GUI tools that can simplify the reconfiguration process?

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I don't believe there is one. I think the best way would just be to make the configuration themeable. It's much like when people ask for a GUI to configure Conky, it's just not part of the scheme. Somebody may write one in future though :)

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I've been playing with gnome-shell in Fedora 13 & 14. Fedora 14 (branched from rawhide) contains the 2.31 version. Most of the folks I know who are using gnome-shell are installing different types of dockys to customize it. I'm just trying to use it on a stable surface. I really needs personalization, and I'm sure it will eventually have utilities for that, but the location of the css files was an interesting find, I was looking more for the gui utilities myself, I guess one could write a utility that manipulates the css. But, until then, I can't wait to play with the css.

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