Embedded arm runing linux

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Even if i an make things work on that board, how can i build aproduct when they cant support me?

I talke with this company in last few days, and i think of going on with them.
They are not offering a 3g module but they know some proucuts work with thier board.

Any why, they answer emails fast, and i will make sure (wem meeting) that basic things works from the box.


In regards to the TS-7300:

We have the cross compiler available here from an x86 linux workstation:

A cross compiler for x86 windows here:

As well as Eclipse prepared to work with this toolchain:

As I had mentioned we also have a virtual machine prepared with the linux cross compiler:

For writing hello world, see section 7.2 of the manual here:

I had also mentioned a customer who had used a 3G USB adapter.  That would be this model:
I cannot guarantee this will work out of the box on the TS-7300 as we have not tested it, but we do offer engineering services if you have trouble getting it to work.  It looks like the support was added in 2.6.20, but there are workarounds to get it to work in previous kernels.  The TS-7300 will use a 2.4.26 kernel by default.

If you wanted to look into our FPGA code we do have that available for the TS-7300 here:,ts7300_opencore,overview

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ok. Somehow they responded. Did you asked about telnet/ssh issue ? Did you tried with the link that they provided ?

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If you can access the terminal through serial you should be able to review the installed applications to see if ssh or telnet are installed and make the necessary configuration changes to set them up as services.

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