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Hey I was wandering what a good IDE was for python in Ubuntu, I would like it to run scripts ( .py files i think im just now learning python) directly and not use eric ( I think that is what it´s called). If you know of anything good I would love to have some suggestions.

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To begin with you may use the default python IDLE or Eclipse with pydev plugin. Also you may check "SPE IDE".

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If you're running KDE (e.g. Kubuntu), Kdevelop is kind of decent, too.

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I prefer emacs for all my development and python is no exception. With a little bit of tweaking one can turn emacs into a powerful python IDE complete with syntax highlighting, auto completion, and more. Couple that with a split screen running a python shell and I cant imagine being any more productive. That is, unless you are an avid vim user ;)

Here are a few good tutorials to get you set up and running.
#you'll need to read the comments for some necessary corrections on this guide, specifically changing some of his backticks to commas in the lisp code.

hope this helps.

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