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I'm a noobie of Linux and I want to begin the development on Linux Platform

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I used to be a phper, and now I want my web application run on the linux.I have the following quetion.

I'm curious about what advantage linux take over the Windows.Except for free money.

Which version is suit for php to build up the website.

If there are any friendly source I can get in the internet, please give some advise.

And any nice experiance you have, would you mind sharing with me?

Thank you for your view on this post,as you see this guy's poor English.I'm not a native-speaking English.

Beg for your pardon. Thanks a lot.

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If I got the wrong forum to post this quetion?
Or what I say is unclear?

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Folks that are experienced with development sometimes drop by, but not on a daily basis. Unfortunately, I'm not a developer, so, I can't help you with specifics, but, since a great many servers run Linux, I would point you to either Debian or RedHat for distros where development can be easily done. Although you can use any Linux distro for development. If I was to put up a web server, I'd probably choose to use Centos (a RedHat derivative).

The main advantage of Linux is its ability to be much more secure than Windows. The fact that Open Source/Free Software is able to be modified by the user is a strong second advantage.

As far as experience and what applications to use, if you're patient, there are some that visit the forum who can help you better than I can. I'm hoping they'll visit and see your post and give you a few pointers. Please be patient.

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You have PhP development experience? Why do you think this does not translate to Linux? PhP is originally a Linux tool/language. From what I can tell, it is a scripted C++ environment, mostly. For serious web development, there are a number of tools to use, and PhP is one of them. Also consider Javascript. If you want to write an application for Nokia phones, then Javascript/webapps is your main choice. Native java can be used, but is discouraged. FWIW, I am a Senior Systems Engineer for Nokia Mobile Phones.

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I'm still a student.I want to major in webdevelopment in the future. Now I want to migrate a site of mine to linux.

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If you are using PhP, then the only major difference between Windows and Linux would be in file names.

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