Is This Program Even Possible

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Thank you Marc again. Did you ever find out about that special Linux environment?

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And it is true for Linux being the 2nd and 3rd world option but is it really a viable option? Its not a commercial product. More of a hobbyist platform. They need a commercial product that is still free.

Thats not true, Linux (+GNU etc) is very much a commercial product. It has major market shares in super computers, embedded systems, servers and smartphones etc. so to call it a hobbyist platform is so wrong even when talking desktops. Just check out redhat. One most note that theres difference between open source, free (fsf definition) and cost free.

I don't get your idea, don't see the profit. One can make a dedicated surfing machine just by turning of unused services/daemons etc.

Probably not the best example ( "within 10 seconds" ) but here is a link of fast booting Linux, a lot of the small lightweight ones are fast to: (


See also:
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Thank you Aron for you post. I will look at all that you have provided and get back to you. I was in no way trying to say Linux based products cannot become commercialized products but that Linux itself because of its association with open source and "free" is itself a commercial brand. Hope that makes things a little clearer. Again thank you and I will get back to this.

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