Please attention! New Linux Bolgenos!

Link to this post 28 May 10

I` am developing new distribution. Operation System based on linux kernel 2.6.28 and Ubuntu. But in future (after 1-2 days) I publish the update to 2.6.33. Bolgenos OS 1.2 include my browser - OgenBrowse (web browser based on source arora).

List programms included in my distribution:
- VLC media player
- Brasero disk burner
- Deluge (I not using transmission, because I think that this torrent client not usable. Well deluge so good!)
- Pidgin :-)
- Abiword (openoffice writer)
- Gnumeric (e-tables, Calc, Excell)

- Qt creator (Qt 4.5.0)
- Geany (Write applications on many programming languages)


So I creating this distribution for Desktops and netbooks. For example: Asus eee pc 2g (small hard drive - 2gb). AFTER INSTALL OS TAKES 1.7 GB! But Bolgenos very well works on Core 2 Quad (and tested on Core i-7). Proprietary drives not include in distribution (GPL).

1 month ago has been locked in competition in the city and took the first place, and on the field for second place. Television company of our city has made a report about the operating system Bolgenos {video removed from YouTube: from moderator}

So have 1 minus OS configs for russian language, but in installation you can change English. If someone not difficult, then please try my Bolgenos.:-)

site: {Site does not exist: from moderator}
direct download: {File does not exist: from moderator} (sorry, but on Source Forge file not publish)

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Popov Antivirus???))) Maybe ClamAV?)

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Pleeease, Moderators! Delete this theme!
This Popov is crazy! All russian internet users laugh at him, but he doesn't stop. He shames Russian GNU/Linux users and developers!

Link to this post 03 Jun 10

Official site of Bolgenos OS

Link to this post 04 Jun 10

Popov - the shame for russian linux community. He replaced wallpaper in Ubuntu and named it BolgenOS.

Link to this post 04 Jun 10

Again you? Get out of internets and continue doing exercises for your school exams!

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