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program in mono for text terminal - general help

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I work at a job where I get piece rate for units produced. I thought I would keep track of how many units produced so I could see what I produce in a week month or year. I have a mysql server running on centos 5 and I have successfully accessed some records with the connector. I want this set up so other people(if interested) could also use it via a web or text terminal(or telnet). As soon as a user enters the user name / password I want that passed to a c# mono console program. For simplicity I am not worrying about any web interface at this point. What I need help with is:
1.) How do I run a program upon login instead of presenting the user a shell. As soon as the program is terminated it would drop back to login screen.
2.) How do I pass the user name to the console program. The logins would be employeeID's and would have the associated database on the mysql server. I imagine that it would be secure without passwords to the database because the program would be coded to only allow records containing that userID to access only his own records.

Any thoughts?

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