suspend other posix thread(s)

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I just got this fancy application called `ags` see

During compilation I get the following error:

ags-ags_thread.o: In function `ags_thread_real_timelock':
/home/joel/ags-code/./src/ags/thread/ags_thread.c:1620: undefined reference to `pthread_suspend'
/home/joel/ags-code/./src/ags/thread/ags_thread.c:1660: undefined reference to `pthread_resume'

because the listed functions don't exist on debian GNU/Linux. How can I install the pthread library that provides those functions ...

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Now I write a module that uses pth instead of pthread library.

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The code looks like following:

ags_thread_suspend_handler(int sig)
#ifdef AGS_DEBUG
g_message("thread suspend\0");

if(ags_thread_self == NULL)

if ((AGS_THREAD_SUSPENDED & (g_atomic_int_get(&(ags_thread_self->flags)))) != 0) return;



do sigsuspend(&(ags_thread_self->wait_mask)); while ((AGS_THREAD_SUSPENDED & (g_atomic_int_get(&(ags_thread_self->flags)))) != 0);

And is triggered like this:

pthread_kill(thread_id, AGS_THREAD_RESUME_SIG);

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