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Ext3 or ext4? Which Would You Recommend?

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I waited quite a while till ext4 was stable ... it's stable enough now, with many advantages, it's my choice now for all my partitions.

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Without a doubt ext4

Ext4 supports all of ext2/ext3 functionallities and a *lot* more.

The one I like the most: *fast* file system checking (and formating)

You've got barriers as well as delayed allocation and many many other things.

Trust me: go for ext4


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In the case of production stability ext4 might be a bit of a scare for the more conservative, not that I have noticed anything but on the other I've not seen any test on the stability on high I/O storage systems (for that I use ZFS) and also if you feel the need to have a great /home partiton filesystem I would look at xfs since that + LVM equals awsome...

Here are some fun reading:

Also a mention to prevent flamewars the when at the crossroad of selecting Filesystem I most often run with a simple use what you think is right. Like stated the difference between ext2 and ext4 is mainly in the journal and around 20 years of age :). New is not allways better though.

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Stick with ext4.

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I've been using Ext4 for about 5-6 months now, I have never had a problem with it. Seems fast and stable to me.

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