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Hardware RAID and recommended controllers

Link to this post 28 May 09

If you don't mind... throw up a post and let us know what you decided on! It's always neat to see how projects turn out.

Link to this post 28 May 09

I'll do that. If nothing else, I've been out of it long enough (ever since I bought a laptop whose chipset had a weird clock issue double or triple advancing the clock) so I'm a little rusty.

So far parts that I already have (and have had for quite some time) include Supermicro P4DP6 motherboard, 8GB RAM, two Prestonia DP2200 Xeon processors, and an appropriate power supply.

I'm looking at a 3ware 9550SXU-8LP controller, which one e-bay vendor has for $299, a pair of cheap small 100gb or so SATA hard disk drives mirrored for the OS, and I'm still trying to figure out what large drives I'd like to buy five or six of. Seagate and Western Digital both seem to have 1.5TB+ drives, but both have a lot of negative reviews on them as well, and if I'm going to put something like this together I need it to be as reliable as possible. I do suppose that I could always change my array configuration if going with a slightly smaller drive would mean more reliable choices.

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