Using my Hard disk

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I installed Ubuntu Ultimate and I'm loving it but I just cant use the remaining 70GB of my HDD. And is there a way to increase the size of folders I create? Ubuntu fixes it to 3.3MB

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I am a bit lost about what you mean by fixed folders. There should be not quotas on the folders by default, can you please elaborate and present some examples so we can assist?

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I think he or she is saying thay auto part instead of manual part on install .And now thay are runing out of disk .

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I try pasting folders into the disk but the system tells me it could not mount the volume. If I create a folder on the desktop, its always 3.3MB and can't be resized. Even the default folders ( Documents, Videos, Pictures etc.) are fixed at 3.3MB. And hey, I do really appreciate your concern and help. ( Wallace is a male name) Happy New Year!

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If you have additional partitions that you would like to mount onto existing folders you should read the fstab manual and adjust the fstab file accordingly; you issue with mounting is most likely because you are not trying to mount them as root. as for the directory size the only reason I can think of is that you are running out of disk space, can you please respond wish the output of "sudo fdisk -l", "sudo df -h" and something showing us that the directory size restriction that you are telling us about.

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Thanks to you all who replied to my thread. I re-installed Ubuntu Ultimate and this time partitioned manually. One partition as 'boot' the other as 'swap' and the remaining as 'root' denoted as / in the partitioning window. All is well now- I can store files in my hdd and create files and folders as I wish. My next problem is gaming. Can I install the games I had when I was on Windows?

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