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hi! There have alternative in linux for Visual basic 6 (VB6) or open source software can run VB6 program under linux OS? THANK YOU...

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After I quick web search I found a paid product Real Studio which is formally known as realbasic that claims to allow development of VB apps on multiple platforms.

But VB6 is a MS copyright product so do not expect to find a reliable or free application suite to allow complete migration. If you plan to stay on a Linux platform I would suggest looking into bash, python or shell scripting, it is native and very functional.

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The closest free alternative to visual basic for Linux would be Gambas Basic. It is similar to visual basic but there is some differences, and you can't just copy and paste in VB code, if you want to see the differences you can see them at Another thing that you could try is to run visual basic and the applications that you programmed in the Wine emulator under Linux.

If you are wanting to continues using Linux, just like Mfillpot said, yes you should learn python or bash.

I hope this helps.

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hi! mfillpot and Mrx3000 .. THANK YOU for reply.. actually i am not a programmer.. i am only asking because i have a program and im using this to my work (Computer Inventory).... but if ever theirs a way i use it in Linux and i am be the Full LINUX user :cheer: but now i only use Linux for my laptop and Shared Server.. i hope theirs a way i can use this to my desktop..:(

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To skip over a buggy connection I would recommend checking out using vnc or rdesktop to remotely launch a windows system and use the apps from that system, which is better than mixing unknown code bases and licenses on the linux machine.

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Thank you for Reply.. it much better to use that.. but if ever a way much good :D..

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