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Boot Windows 7 Virtually && Physically (dual boot)

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The issue with what you are attempting are all driver related. when windows is installed it installs the drivers for the detected hardware, vvirtualization solutions emulate fake hardware which confuses windows.

When you install physically it configures itself for the physical hardware, then when you boot into a VM tha hardware changes and the OS gets confused. The same is true for install via VM then running it physically. If windows was a more robust operating system and can handle hardware and driver changes on the fly during boot then your goal could be obtained, but at this point it is not possible.

Have you tried to do the same with virtualbox running in windows while using fedora as a virtual or physical installation?

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Actually, I wouldn't even have to chroot a linux system. I could even run it in a VM and it would Just Work.

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Yes, I know it is because of the inadequacies of windows.

Well, tbh, I'm not even interested in running my linux installation inside windows, since that's just backwards, because I am inside linux all the time, and windows is the one that makes things difficult/annoying.

I've heard of vmware's workstation edition, which is supposed to allow this, from what I have read (allow what I want, that is).

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I do not think that vmware workstation can work around the driver problem, but it is worth testing if you can get a copy. I would be interested to see if you can find a working solution in either opensource or proprietary software.

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First off - I don't think it is possible - here is why.

I have done this with XP:
Dual boot laptop with a XP installation and a Linux installation.
Boot into Linux, start vmware player, run the physical installation of XP as a VM.

To achieve this, I had to setup a 2nd hardware profile within XP.
The first hardware profile I named "Physical" - which is to be used when booting the laptop into XP
The 2nd profile I named "virtual" - to be used when booting within vmware. This hardware profile has VMWare tools installed.

VMWare tools presents a different hardware layer to Windows (different disk drivers required etc) - hence the requirement for 2 hardware profiles. It is my understanding that hardware profile support has been removed in Windows 7.

The other major hindrance I had was the type of M$ licence - I forget which one worked in the end (Volume licence rings a bell) but most licence types will fail "Windows Genuine Advantage" if the hardware changes too much (which it does when running M$ XP on top of vmware)

For these reasons, I keep XP on my laptop and happily boot Linux and run the XP physical installation as a VM.

If anyone can find a way to avoid the 1 (2) issues I mention, please share :)

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Sorry, I got that a little wrong ...

VMWare presents a different hardware layer with "VMWare devices" to Windows (different disk drivers required etc) "VMWare tools" provides windows with the correct drivers to use the vmware devices - they wont work without "VMWare tools" being installed.

For example, Windows will not recognise the disk at boot time because VMWare provides a disk type which XP does not have native support for (SATA I think, I forget)

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