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How to re-register Red Hat after a migration?

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I performed a backup of a Linux box, and then restored that backup to a server in a new location.

When I go to register the Linux Red Hat, I receive the message that this has already been registered to another system.

The old system is no longer using the Linux.

How do I re-register the new box with the migrated OS?

Please help; this is a critical path item.

Thank you,

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If your using Red Hat, and are paying for support, you should contact the support team at Red Hat and ask how to get around your problem. I have not used an official Red Hat distro, so I can't tell you how they keep track of their paid subscribers, so, if indeed they match a server copy with the actual server, ala windows, then the only way around that is to explain that to your support representative.

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Navigate to

Delete system profile (before any register attempts)

On the system, in a terminal window: cd\(into the redhat directory) /etc/sysconfig/rhn
There are two files:
1 systemid
2 install-inum

Move to another directory using the “mv” command (ie/tmp)

Now you can register the box as normal.

Thanks all,

Link to this post 05 Aug 10

Thanks for the info, it's nice to know you solved the problem and shared the solution.

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