Multiple Linux OSes on 1 HDD

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I am undergoing a project to install, set-up, run, and maintain 3-6 Linux OSes on one 3 TB HDD.

What do I need to know/do/dont do, etc. in order to accomplish this goal?

I am currently running Linux Mint Maya on a laptop that is hooked up to the net. The drive that I want to do this on is for/hooked up to a desktop.

So, I can implement the tips, etc. you give while I stay live on the forum.

Please be open to my questions, etc. because I am new to Linux.

Thank you.

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Will Windows remain (survive) on the disk?

Otherwise its quite simple with an MBR setup:
1) /boot - 4GB as you use it for 3-6 Linux' with each 3-5 kernels of each around 20-80mb.
2) /home - 2.5TB
3) swap - 8GB
4 -- EXTENDED --
5) root of linux 1 - 8-24GB (usualy 12-16gb is enough)
6) root of linux 2 - ^^
7) root of linux 3 - ^^
25) root of linux 21
26) root of linux 22
27) root of linux 23

It could be that the 2.5 TB primary partition 2 is too large, in that case switch your primary-stable linux there and place /home as partition 5, so its no something 'in-between' and accidently gets deleted.


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