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what is tracker-store? why is it dominating CPU

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what is tracker-store (and similar names) doing taking so much CPU time

top -5 shows high CPU usage

what does tracker-store (and similar) accomplish.

I didn't see tracker-store on the services list

running fedora 14 with all updates

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By what I have found at , tracker-store is Metadata database store and lookup manager. So that means that it is utilizing more resources now to index the files on your computer for a quick lookup. Depending on the amount of hdd space you have and the quantity of files it may take quite a while to complete, but it should throttle down once the initial index database has been created.

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I've also noticed some .db files being rebuilt somewhat randomly in Fedora 14. Tracker-store isn't one of them, even though I have a few KDE apps running on my Gnome install. This doesn't seem to happen with F13, unless I haven't caught it. I don't know what triggers it, even though I've searched some of the config files.
I can understand updatedb being rebuilt if you are using yum, for example, but, I don't understand the rebuilding of other databases in what seems to be random rebuilds.
BTW - I've only noticed each db being updated once, so, this could have been part of an upgrade process. That's only conjecture, since I haven't found proof of the assumption.

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