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It's been a long time since I have placed a post, but my question is: When I reboot, My CPU resource meter always shows at 99% with minimum fluctuations to above 76%. I open my system monitor and notice the application Zorg is hogging all my cpu resource, so I ended the process and enter my password and the OS restarts and my resource meter now shows 03%. Is having to run zorg essential?

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I have never heard of zorg.

Hopefully you mean xorg, but xorg should never tie down the processor like that. I known that xorg is the gui management daemon process which must always run when the gui is operational.

Does everything seem to run correctly when zorg has beet terminated?

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You are correct, I meant 'Xorg ' and yes, everything runs smoothly when I exit Xorg. I am using the Kubuntu 10. and each time I restart my cpu usage meter goes off the hook. I can physically hear my drive revving up and down. When I exit xorg, my drive is very silent.....:)

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As I see it on my Slackware installation the Xorg process is used to start the WM, but does not stay running beyond desktop setup.

Does this process only choke the cpu when you log in, or does it run continually?

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Sorry for the delay in responding. Out doing job searches...I checked my system monitor and it is showing ' sleeping '. Every few minutes the cpu will pop to 20% and back to zero in the %cpu column. The only time there is a high demand on my processors [ I have dual processors ] is when I shut down and restart. There is no deterioration in performance, just the annoying rise and fall of the sound of my processor fans, which after I end the process, everything is quiet and my resource meter shows and average of 2%.:unsure:

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I believe that is because xorg is testing and setting up your GUI environment on boot and saving the setting when your shutdown. A few seconds worth of high load is acceptable as long as it does not run a high load during the entire session.

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